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Helping People Solve Their Problems So They Can Exponentially Impact Their Lives

Maximize your true potential with help from Spiritual Services serving Metro Atlanta Georgia.

Your Betterment Is My Mission

At Spiritual Services, I strive to help you better your life by giving you clarity on your strengths, weaknesses, goals, and opportunities. Hi, I’m Dj Freeman El and I offer life coaching, counseling, mentoring, and more so that you can improve personally and professionally. Contact me today and let’s talk about your aspirations.

Reiki Healing

Life Coaching


How I Started

I am the CEO of Spiritual Services, earning my third-degree Usui, third-degree Essential Reiki Master Training under Usui Shiki Ryoho Lineage 7th generation, Essential Reiki Lineage 4th generation, three levels of Mediumship. I am a certified Professional Life Coach and Counselor having over 25 years of experience.

About Me

  • Professional Life Coach and Counselor
  • Master Reiki Teacher and Healer
  • Psychic Medium
  • I specialize in helping others help themselves by solving life problems. A mentor guiding clients in achieving positive results short and/or long term. I combine all my gifts to provide a path to assist you in many life challenges. Let Spiritual Services guide you to become more successful in achieving your goals.

Success Stories

 Daniela Robinson

I had the most interesting session last week. Dj cleared my Third Eye chakra after scanning my body's energy from my home without physically being there. He communicates with the spirit world. He told me personal things about my grandmother who recently passed that only I knew.

Paul Glaser

Dj has been my counselor for several years. I contact him every month. Each session helps keep my thoughts and actions in line with my life, career, and family.

Rebecca Morris

I just had a reading with Dj. He told me that he saw a promotion coming from my job. This week my job offered me a promotion and a raise which I took. He is the real deal! A true psychic. I did not give him any details. He saw this without me mentioning work.

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